R. Sluis Excavating

In the video above, we are spreading the infield mix that has been screened back on the infield.  As you can see in the video the infield mix is as smooth as can be!!!

In the video above,  we are resurfacing the baseball fields at Trinity Christian College.  Its showing the previous infield mix being screened into the finest infield mix a baseball field has ever seen.

R. Sluis Excavating is an established representative for Lake Erie Portable Pit Bull Screeners.  We rent and sell the Pit Bull Screener.  If you are interested in either please give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have.

The Lake Erie Pit Bull Screener

Is Rocky soil turning your landscaping dreams of green to gravel?  When the soil below is made up of stone, plant roots have a tough time getting the nutrients they need to survive.


To the left is a picture of the premium garden soil screened with the pit bull screener.  Once you see the garden mix in your own garden you will be amazed.  The premium garden mix consists of sandy black dirt, compost horse manure, and compost leaves.

 $50 per yard.

Please call or email for pricing on delivery.